Leather and Suede Jackets
All natural soaps

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​​Leather And Suede Jackets in Pelham

Wine Accessories and Gifts

Themed Wine Caddies-We Stock a Huge Selection of Themed Wine Caddies by Profession..Hobby...or Holiday/Seasonal 

​We want to welcome you to our very Unique, Eclectic Gift Shop and Art Gallery. 

​There is truly nothing like it, nor will there ever be.

​Island Quest Gifts was created through years of hard work, and creativity...and is constantly evolving with new products and ideas,  we believe in doing our own homework and coming up with our own ideas.. we never duplicate what others sell in our area and never will.

​As you can tell, we love our shop ! and are passionate about  what we do.

Stop by and check us out , we look forward to meeting you and Sharing the Love .


We Stock a full line of Specialty Foods  and Chocolates.

Our Product Lines (with very few exceptions)  all come from American Artisans, Craftsmen and Chocolatiers from around the Country

Natural Soaps

Island Quest Gifts